Save upwards of 25% on your weekly coffee bill.   
Personalised coffee branding.
Full equipment financing

Specalists Organic Fair Trade Coffee  

Partners for sustainable change and improvement in

Organic Coffee Farming world wide  

Award-winning Sydney coffee roaster.
100% quality guarantee offered on every batch.

We go through on average 50kg of coffee per week. Being a bakery, our clients love coffee and we sell quite a bit of retail. Using Nomics financing we were able to pay off all our equipment in 7 months. The bakery now saving over $500.00 per week in just the cost of our coffee bill and coffee sales have increased, very happy...   


By using Nomics Coffee Roasters, we have been able to build on our in-house coffee blend and now supply 3 other cafes.

This allows us to focus on our café while enjoying a secondary residual income. Nomics looks after the quality control and transport to our clients we just simply tell them where to send the coffee and its done.





Leaving one of the top 4 branded coffee companies can be a little uncomfortable, but when we changed over to Nomics, our customers loved the new organic coffee and we have actually increased our kilos per week. The best thing with Nomics is their service, coffee machine maintenance schedule, flexibility and consistency in quality.  



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About us.

We work with our clients and create the right offer for them, training, equipment, maintenance & felixaeble delivery times to assist in the daily grind. Quality and consistency are our grantee to our clients 


We see a major shift approaching where in house coffee blends and niche single origin coffees will see leading cafes push away from the big 4 brands to promote experiences, customised to their own café and brand.


In a time when new cafes are opening on every corner how do you stand out?  


Our goal is to enable our clients to either grow and developing their own brand and concept, 

We have over 20 years experience in and cafe industry and understand our offer is not for everyone. Just for the café owners that would like to stand out from an over crowded market 

Nomics is a registered agent for silver chef and can supply all coffee equipment needed. La Marzocco, Slayers, San Remo Racers, San Marco Lisha DTC, Wega etc.


Whatever level of equipment your premise needs we can arrange.   



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